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Hi, my name is Ella Dawn and I am a Psychic Medium, Medical Intuitive, Certified Tarot Reader and Teacher, Reiki Master, Licensed Hypnotherapist, Nurse, Soul Plan Decoder, Aura Photographer, Paranormal Investigator, Astral Projector, Kundalini Speacialist and Spiritual Teacher. I was born with memories of previous lives and an ability to astral project (leave my body on will) as well as a strong interest in holistic medicine and spiritual studies. I started studying tarot and angel cards at a young age and had perfected the art of reading, interpreting and teaching this technique to others. It wasn't, however, until my near death experience, that I was able to connect to spirit, see energy and auras and pursue spiritual career in full force. I completed a nursing course, clinical hypnotherapy course, astrology and soul plan course, reiki master certification class, angel therapy course and aura photography class. I am also a gemstone and crystal specialist, dream interpreter and kundalini teacher and master. Since I am able to see energy and auras my specialty is to pick up on blockages of others that seek my help and then assist them in putting their body, mind and spirit back into a state of a perfect balance. My mission is to help others open up to the wisdom of their own souls, awaken their inner gifts, find their path in life and help them understand that what they seek is already within them. 



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