Aura Cleansing

Aura cleansing is a perfect way to clear your energy body, protect from psychic attacks, clear psychic debris, shield yourself from negative energy and people, get rid of cords and attachments to other people, remove curses and to improve your overall well-being. It's very beneficial for empaths (sensitive people who pick upon energy and emotions of others, therefore getting drained and fatigued easily). Ella will look at your aura's size, colors, strength, EMF levels, frequency and shape and detect any holes, rips or attachments in it using a special machine and equipment. Next, she will use sage, palo santo, gemstones, pure essential oils and energy shielding technique to balance, strenghten and repair your aura. She will also make a specialized bath for you to take home to keep your aura protected for longer.


Price List:

  • 1hr Full Aura Cleansing in person or by distance including cleansing bath-$200
  • 45min Aura Cleansing w/o bath-$150
  • 1hr Full Aura Cleansing with bath at your location (within 15 miles from Lindenhurst)-$250
  • 45min Aura Cleansing at your location w/o bath (within 15 miles from Lindenhurst) w/o bath-$175
  • Aura Cleansing Bath and Oil only (supplies included)-$75

*All major credit/debit cards accepted, NY state tax will be applied to all electronic transactions