How Does it work?

Our aura machine uses biofeedback technology.
What is Biofeedback Technology? Every individual has a sensitive network of electrical potentials moving along the surface of the body. Biofeedback is the resulting information from collecting this electrical activity and providing valuable physiological feedback. A unique and accurate profile analysis can then be made about the individual from this data, allowing us to better understand the workings of our bodies empowering us with increased capabilities.

While this is not a new technique for assessing a person’s mental and emotional state, its application to digital technology is ground-breaking. Inneractive products fuse the virtues of biofeedback with hi-tech advancements; resulting in impressive human computer interaction technology products.


Health and Performance Benefits

Biofeedback is not limited to only monitoring the body’s functions; it can also rapidly detect the effects of internal and external stresses on our health. Because of this, Inneractive products are highly sensitive to changes in the body. This means you can uncover internal functions that often go unregulated. How you use this knowledge is up to you! It can be as simple as assessing tension and energy levels, or used as a tool to help tame both physical form and the mind.
The benefits are boundless with biofeedback systems. They bring together scientific data and physical information to create a unique and useful perspective of the individual. Much like how a heart monitor displays the internal functions of the heart, biofeedback gives you improved understanding of how the body functions as a whole, as well as psycho-physiological involvement in overall wellbeing empowering you to improve health and performance.

What does the AURA CAMERA reveal?Your base glows a vibrant orange, reflecting your foundation of confidence and courage. Yet the core of your aura radiates green – you are a natural healer and very sociable! Others seem to sense your optimism and intellect, judging by the warm yellow in the right field of your aura.
Innovative aura imaging technology visualizes and validates the essence of human energy. We integrate scientific data with the latest technology to provide illustrated insight beyond the basic understanding of the physical body.

Price List:


  • Aura/Chakra Image only-$40
  • Aura/Chakra Image with graphs, aura color explanations and reading-$60
  • Full 23 page report with reading and images-$75


  • Group Aura/Chakra Images and Reading 3-5 people-$45 per person
  • Group Aura/Chakra Images and Reading 6-10 people-$40 per person
  • Group Aura/Chakra Images and Reading 11& more people-$35 per person

*All group readings of 6 & more people must be done at customer's location
**For all group readings a $50 deposit is required and due 2 weeks before the event in order to secure your time and date.
***All major debit/credit cards accepted. NY state tax applied to all electronic transactions