House and business cleansing and blessing help to clear and get rid of any negative or stagnant energy, remove unwanted spirits, protect your home or business, create positive, uplifting energy, attract more business and reduce harmful electromagnetic field, which, in high levels can cause cancer and other illnesses.

Ella starts house cleansings by bringing in and using her professional equipment to detect any electromagnetic (EMF) waves, and uses her mediumship ability to pick up on spirits and negative energy. She then uses sage, selenite rod and blessed water to cleanse the house inside and out. Afterwards she places gemstones, oils and specially made candle in a grid around the house to assure that the home stays cleansed and protected. If she detects a spirit, she will help it move on to the light and then she seals the house with Reiki energy so that no negative energy can enter. She will also advise you on moving your furniture, if needed, to help break any EMF waves. At the end you will receive a blessed bracelet to keep you protected as well.

With business cleansings the procedure is similar except for using different stones and EMF pyramids as well as specially made mojo bags or candles to attract more business. Electromagnetic field and waves are created by electrical equipment. When a large number of electronics and the waves they put out cross each other, they create high EMF levels. High EMF levels are known to cause cancer, feelings of anxiety, uneasiness and frustration. If you have high EMF level in your business, it can make your customers feel anxious, uneasy and uncomfortable, therefore making them want to leave and hurting your business as a result. Have you ever walked into a store and felt like you wanted to run out? If so, you were picking up on the electromagnetic field and your body, wanting to defend itself from this harmful energy, responds by making you feel uncomfortable so that you will walk away from that environment.

***cleansings and blessings can be done at a distance as long as you are able to provide a clear picture of the house. It work just as good as in person cleansing and blessing because energy is not confined to time or space.

Price List


  • House cleansing and blessing( within 15 miles from Babylon)-$150 supplies included
  • House cleansing and blessing ( more than 15 miles of Babylon)-extra $5 per mile
  • Business cleansing and blessing( within 15miles of Babylon)-$175
  • Business cleansing and blessing ( more than 15 miles from Babylon)-extra $5 per mile
  • Distance cleansing and blessing home or business-$120