what we offer..

Medium Readings

Mediumship readings are done to connect with your loved ones on the other side, receive messages and guidance from them and get assured that they are OK. This reading can be done one on one or in a group, by phone or through Skype, at your location or my location.


  • Mediumship reading 45 Minute - $120
  • Combined with Tarot 45 min - $90

Tarot Readings

Tarot readings are the best way to look into your specific situation, give you the answers you are seeking in regards to your past, present and future, get guidance and advice from your higher self, validating and assuring you that you are on the correct path. 


  • Tarot card reading 45 Minute - $75
  • Combined with Medium 45 min - $90

Angel Readings

Angel Readings provide you with information, guidance and advice from your spirit guides and angels, helping you to know that your ascension process is undisturbed and making sure that there aren't any blockages on your path. 


  • Angel readings 45 Minute - $65

Aura Photography

Aura photography machine helps to look at the activity of your chakras, clarity of your aura and the overall state of your body-mind-spirit connection. During a reading you will be notified of any energy blockages or cord attachments and given advice on which oil, crystal or treatment to use in order to open and balance your aura and chakras. 


  • Aura/Chakra Image only-$40
  • Aura/Chakra Image with graphs, aura color explanations and reading-$60
  • Full 23 page report with reading and images-$75

Spirit Guide Reading

Spirit Guide Readings help you to connect and get information about your spirit guides and animal totems, finding out what your guides look like, the reason you chose to work with them in this incarnation, messages they have for you and how you can communicate with them on your own. 


  • 60 min Spirit Guide reading my location (in person, by phone or Skype)-$75
  • 60min Spirit Guide reading your location(within 15 mile radius)-$100

Life Purpose Astrology Chart

This chart and a reading is done by using symbols, numerology and astrological information to help decode your physical and spiritual karma, soul's  purpose and destiny, physical and spiritual challenges and talents and the age of your soul. 

Price List:

  • Soul Plan Decoded Full Chart with 20 page report-$150
  • Soul Plan Decoded Full Chart-$125
  • Soul Plan Decoded Name Chart with 7 page report-$75
  • Soul Plan Decoded Name Chart-$60
  • Soul Plan Decoded Birth Chart with 15 page report-$100
  • Soul Plan Decoded Birth Chart-$75

Aura Cleansing

Aura Cleansing helps to clear your aura from psychic debris, align and activate your energy centers, remove blockages and stagnant energy, protect and strengthen your aura and learning the techniques necessary to keep yourself balanced for longer. 


  • 1hr Full Aura Cleansing in person or by distance including cleansing bath-$200
  • 45min Aura Cleansing w/o bath-$150
  • 1hr Full Aura Cleansing with bath at your location (within 15 miles from Lindenhurst)-$250
  • 45min Aura Cleansing at your location w/o bath (within 15 miles from Lindenhurst) w/o bath-$175
  • Aura Cleansing Bath and Oil only (supplies included)-$75

Spiritual Cleansing/Reiki

Reiki or a Spiritual Cleansing works by activating, balancing and clearing your chakras, removing negative blockages and releasing attachments, protecting you from lower energy vibrations, speeding up the healing and recovery process,  increasing your intuition and improving overall body-mind-spirit health. 


  • Reiki 45 Minute - $120

Angel Therapy(Integrated Energy Therapy)

Angel Therapy (Integrated Energy Therapy) works by opening and facilitating the flow of vital force within the human body energy field. The IET painlessly awakens and clears core cellular memory which has been suppressed within the body, mind and spirit. IET assists the release of old energy patterns and promotes the self healing process. 


  • 1hr IET session my location-$140 (in person or distance healing through Skype or phone)
  • 1hr IET session your location (within 15 miles from Lindenhurst)-$160
  • 30min IET session my location (in person or distance healing through Skype or phone)-$75
  • 30min IET session your location (within 15 miles from Lindenhurst)-$95


Hypnotherapy is offered for smoking cessation, weight loss, addictions, pain management, confidence, phobias, addictions, depression, insomnia, amnesia, past life regression, life between lives regression and children's bed wetting or learning difficulties. Each service has different pricing and duration. I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. I have successfully hypnotized and helped over 600 people to date. 


  • Hypnosis for past life 120 Minute - $175

  • Hypnosis for addictions or emotional problems 120 Minute - $150

Paranormal Investigations

Paranormal Investigations pick up, record and clear paranormal activity within the house or the business. I use all of the top rated, latest equipment that you see in ghost hunting shows and movies. This service includes the actual investigation, evidence overview, explanation for the activity and removal of any paranormal entities or residual energy. 


  • Paranormal investigation 120 Minute $160

House/Business/Item Cleansings and Blessings

House, business or item cleansings and blessings clear, balance and uplift any stagnant or negative energy, removing any present entities or emotional imprint of people that had lived in your building before you. It also brings in positive and high frequency vibrations in order to attract a loving and balanced atmosphere as well as shield and protect the house, item or business and people that reside in it. 


  • House Cleansing 45 Minute - $150


Classes are offered privately, in one on one setting for the best results. Most classes come with a certification and/or study material. 


  • Reiki Certification Level 1-$200
  • Reiki Certification Level 2-$250
  • Reiki Certification Master-$300
  • Reiki Certification Master Teacher-$500
  • Tarot Certification Classes-$60 per 2 hour class or get full month and 1 class free
  • Angel Card Full Certification Course-$200
  • Mediumship Development-$60 per 2hr class
  • Soul Plan Decoded Practitioner(4 2hr classes)-$250
  • Meditation Course-$50 per 1hr class
  • Hypnotherapy Course-$750
  • Astral Projection Course-$500 16hrs

Classes include materials and coaching. All classes available through Skype as well if you live out of state.

Psychic Parties

Psychic parties can be done at your or my location. You can choose between any of my services or combination of them. I also offer psychic parties for businesses or grand openings in order to bring in more customers to the business.