Spirit guides are our spirit advisers and supporters that are always with us. They are usually people that we shared a past life with but they are further in their spiritual development and therefore do not incarnate anymore. They had occupied a physical body before and because of this they understand our challenges and struggles in life. We pick our guides before we come into this life and we choose them based on the experiences and lessons we will take on in this incarnation. There is a common misconception that archangels, angels or passed over loved ones can be our guides but this is not the case and I am saying this from my own experience and time I had spent on the other side during my NDE(near death experience). Archangels and angels never lived on earth in the human body, therefore they cannot guide us in the best possible way without ever experiencing the highs and lows of human exstance. As for our loved ones they can be around us and watch over but they don't have the advancement and "training" to be of the most beneficial service to us. In a spirit guide reading you will find out how many guides you have, what they look like, what era they are from, their names, why you chose them, how each of them assists you, what messages and advice they have for you and how you can connect to them yourself. You will also find out which animal is your power animal.

Price List:


  • 60 min Spirit Guide reading my location (in person, by phone or Skype)-$75
  • 60min Spirit Guide reading your location(within 15 mile radius)-$100


  • Group Spirit Guide Reading my location 3-10 people-$30 per person 
  • Group Spirit Guide Reading my location 11 & more people-$25 per person 
  • Group Spirit Guide Reading your location 3-10 people (within 15 mile radius)-$40 per person 
  • Group Spirit Guide Reading your location 11 & more people(within 15 mile radius)-$35 per person