Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Card Readings are available for love and relationships, career and business, finances and property, family and friends, past life, challenges and obstacles ,health, life path and general readings as well. Tarot is a good choice when you need to look into a specific situation, see where it will lead you to, how you and the other people involved will be affected, how they feel about the situation, find out what your near future holds, get advice regarding important decisions and see what you need to watch out for. You can also bring a picture of a person if you want to inquire about them!! I have been reading cards for over 15 years and perfected my technique to give as much detail and validation as possible. I usually use one tarot and 2-3 oracle decks for each reading, look at your energy and aura and get messages from spirit. 

Price List:

  • * 1 hr Tarot Reading in person, by phone or Skype-$75
  • *1 hr Tarot Reading yuor location(within 15miles from Lindenhurst)-$100
  • *30min Tarot Reading in person, by phone or Skype-$50
  • *30min Tarot Reading yuor location(within 15miles from Lindenhurst)-$75


  • *Group Tarot Reading 3-5 people (20min each)-$35 per person
  • *Group Tarot Reading 6-10 people (15min each)-$30 per person
  • *Group Tarot Reading 11& more people (10min each)-$25 per person
  • *Group Readings of 6& more are done at customer's location only
  • *All major debit and credit cards are accepted. NY state tax rates apply for electronic transactions.